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Getting Around Nashville

One of the easiest and quickest ways to travel in Nashville, and especially around Vanderbilt, is by bicycle. The University has easy access and many locations for students and visitors to park their bikes. Nashville offers specific lanes for bicyclists who desire to commute across the city. In addition to this, there are a number of parks that have bike paths for serious and leisurely cyclists.

Traveling by car in Nashville, Tennessee, and near Vanderbilt University is an excellent way to go. The city's three Interstates of 40, 440 and 65 come together in the shape of a circle and surround downtown Nashville and Vanderbilt. All three Interstates come from different locations around Nashville and its suburbs. The result of this enables folks to get to, in and around those areas in a timely fashion. In addition to those Interstates, Nashville's city streets are designed to get travelers where they need to be. Popular streets include West End Avenue, which is also known as Broadway, Charlotte Avenue that is also known as the Music City Bikeway, 12th Avenue, and Jefferson Street.

The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority, known as MTA to locals, serves the city of Nashville and the surrounding area. There are numerous bus routes that criss-cross the city. Among the most popular destinations, include the Nashville's historic downtown district, University of Vanderbilt, and the state's capital building. In addition to servicing passengers, buses are fitted to hold bicycles for cyclists who desire a different type of transportation.

A form of transportation that a number of visitors overlook is Nashville's commuter train, which is known to residents as the Music City Star. Though fairly new to the historic city, the Music City Star connects residents and visitors to various parts of the city and takes them as far east as the city of Lebanon which is about thirty miles away. Though the Music City Star does not have direct routes to Vanderbilt University, the city offers shuttle service to students and visitors who desire to use the commuter train.

Taxicabs are a fantastic way of getting to and from where one desires to go. Cabbies know the best routes to take around the city. They know which roads are impassable when the big game is in town and offer affordable rates to their customers. In addition, taxis are only a quick phone call away.

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